Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jaxon's Cardiology visit.

Today we took Jaxon to see his cardiologist. Last time we went it was September and the office we visited was in Orem not to far from where we are. Since then that office has closed and we now have to go to Primary Children's Medical Center. Jake and I have decided that this isn't a big deal as we like to be able to see the nurses and doctors that took care of Jaxon while we where there in the NICU.

IT was a very emotional thing to be walking back into the hospital where Jaxon stayed for such a long time. I felt very anxious. I felt like they where going to tell me that I had to leave my baby there. Not only that but being in a hospital where people are sick scared me to death. I thought for sure that he was going to "catch" something while we were walking throughout the hospital.

So.. first we checked into cardiology and got some paperwork filled out. Then we went on down the way to radiology where we promptly removed Jaxon's clothes (Chubby Buddy) and he was x-rayed.
The nurse was quick and precise with him which was nice considering babies don't like to be messed with.
She took 2 x-rays. The first one Jaxon laid on his back and the second one he was on his side with his arms stretched above his head. The second one was a little harder for him to deal with. But at the same time we had to wake him to even do the x-rays.

From there we went back to cardiology and waited to see Dr. Cowley. The nurse came in and took his blood presure and SATS ( blood oxygen and heart rate ) and measured and weighed him.
THEN, they hooked him up to the EKG machine. That was fun!

They put 13 probes on his chest, hook em up to all these wires and monitored the electrical impulses in his heart for about 30 secs. It quite literally took them longer to hook him up then it took to actually monitor him.

While he was hooked up I was holding his hands so that he wouldn't grab the wires and try to rip them off.
The cardiologists were very impressed with Jaxon's weight gain. They couldn't believe that he is so big and kept asking me what I am feeding him. I told the Doc that I was only nursing him and that he has yet to try any solids and the look on his face was..."Way to go Momma!" He called me a Milk maid or something like that.
Afterwards we went to see our old friends in the NICU. It was VERY nice to see the Nurses and Doctors that took care of Jaxon and know that I wasn't leaving my baby with them. Everyone was so happy to see him doing so well.
Jake and I went to the University's cafeteria and had Tomato wraps with cajun turkey and tomato basil sauce. I promise you that I am addicted to those stupid wraps and my husband could very easily get away with taking me out to eat there for any special day and save himself a ton of $$.

As for Kaden and Lucy all is well. Kaden is working hard at reading and math. He is catching up to where he needs to be. He is finally reading at his own grade level. Lucy is working hard on potty training. We are wanting to put her into pre-school starting in January but she can only go if she's potty trained. We are keeping our fingers crossed that I can get her trained in less then 5 weeks. She's being a little bugger about it.
We had a good Thanksgiving with my family. We are greatful for many things in our lives. Most importantly our little family.

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  1. oh man melinda. i'm sorry to hear about jaxon and trauma. he is a tough little guy.
    i'll keep him (and you) in my prayers. (too serious for blogger? ha ha)
    you are great and i'm crossing my fingers for lucy too!